villa sapi in lombok by david lombardi


semi-private pool for the guest house



the tropical island of lombok with it's dense coconut and palm tree forests and pristine beaches calls itself home to the 'villa sapi' resort home on a three-hectare beachfront property. the work of canadian designer david lombardi offers a wide range of activities on the private premises, hosted at an impressive five bedroom home that offers a mix of traditional elements interpreted as contemporary spaces. this is also reflected in the material palette,as reinforced concrete transitions into ulin (a hard wood used for the roof construction), batu chandi (lava rock), paras (sandstone) and bamboo all sourced locally. the main social area containing the kitchen and formal dining functions is housed in a vernacular typology in a very tall continuous space that opens to the exterior around the periphery.

the thatched roof vernacular is in this case swapped for wood shingles that peel away at one corner to expose a glass covering that introduces a floating lounge in a rounded addition wrapped in bamboo stocks. several swimming pools are located throughout the complex profiting from the incredible landscape with varying levels of privacy. the rent-able home also makes use of the islands plentiful resources: light and water. solar water heaters and lighting lighten the load on the grid accompanied by a rainwater collection and recycling system integrated into the roof structure.



observation structure for the tennis courts



bamboo wall



view towards the bedrooms



bedroom in a contemporary setting





lounge area atop the house



main building



reflecting pool



brushed concrete texture along the wall





the dining area is open on all sides, surrounded by a shallow moat



dining with the lounge intervening in the space






living area



private sitting area









entry to the shore



beachfront area with pool





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