Shimogamo-jinja @ Tadasu-no-mori

Before leaving Kyoto, it is imperative to visit one of the oldest Shinto sanctuary in Japan built around 6th century, Kamo-mioya-jinja (or popularly known as Shimogamo-jinja), at the primeval forest of Tadasu-no-Mori. Not only paying tribute to the good preservation of monuments and sites, but also to thank the Kamo clan - the earliest inhabitant of Rakuhoku area - the place where I have spent three most meaningful months in my life. This is one of the historic place inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage list, but again, no logo or sign of UNESCO WH here, only a simple "world heritage" inscription in Japanese on a stone - barely visible - near one of the entry points to this big site.

Johannes Widodo  Johannes Widodo

Adjunct Professor at 연세 대학교, 서울 (Yonsei University, Seoul)Executive Core, Founder atiNTA (International Network of Tropical Architecture) and Associate Professor at National University of Singapore

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